Study findings suggest that by including skin cancer content in cosmetology curricula, cosmetologists can be better screen their clients for suspicious lesions.
According to A. Hunter Shain, PhD, and colleagues, melanoma can be predicted long before any suspicious moles are detected thanks to the identification of DNA mutations in individual skin cells.
Experts are developing a novel clinical trial outcome measure to characterize the antitumor activity of ICI protocol therapy in advanced melanoma.
A review of randomized trials in patients with advanced melanoma showed that the risk for immune-related AEs varies based on immune checkpoint inhibitor type and dose.
Researchers propose using an externally validated nomogram to better select patients with T1 melanoma to undergo sentinel node biopsy.
Study findings highlight the importance of the primary tumor mitotic rate, and provide a framework for evidence-based surveillance of CNS metastasis in stage III melanoma.
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