Exploring the Use of Entrectinib in NSCLC

Stephen Liu, MD, discusses takeaway points from a Product Theater for entrectinib held at the 2019 Perspectives in Thoracic Oncology meeting, and the benefits of such forums.




This video is based on a product theater sponsored by Genentech.


Dr. Stephen Liu:  My name is Stephen Liu, Associate Professor at Georgetown University. We had a product theater for Entrectinib, or ROZLYTREK, today. This was a kinase inhibitor that targets NTRK‑positive tumors, and the approval in a tumor agnostic manner, or ROS‑1‑positive non‑small cell lung cancer.

This is an FDA approved, exciting kinase inhibitor that has some unique toxicities, but overall, very well tolerated and is very effective. It has good CNS penetration. We see dramatic responses. We have very impressive waterfall plots. This is an effective drug.

If patients harbor these targets, this is a drug that will induce rapid and durable responses. However, these are uncommon targets. ROS‑1, NTRK fusions, these are events that some oncologists may never see and they certainly won't see if they don't know to look for it.

Because these are so uncommon, because it's a relatively new approval, and because the landscape of oncology is evolving so rapidly, events like this are important to educate our colleagues, to bring awareness to things they may not think of.

It really can make a difference if they then are educated and understand to look for these fusions, identify the fusions, treat those in the proper manner. It really can lead to better outcomes. Spreading awareness through events like this, I think is really important.

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